SOLON Velocity Single Axis

Energy Storage.

Solar when it's sunny...and when it's not.


Experience Tomorrow's Solutions...Today.

“Energy storage coupled with solar is important to SOLON because, simply put, solar is what we do. And when we look forward at how to improve the value of solar, energy storage is part of that solution.“ Bill Richardson, Director of Research & Development, SOLON Corporation

The output of renewable energy sources such as solar and wind can vary throughout the day. Today, utilities can already handle a certain amount of variability on their systems; however, as utility-scale solar projects continue to increase in size, the impact of their inherent variability on the grid does as well. SOLON recognizes the need to have new and better tools such as energy storage at our disposal to help our customers address this intermittency and strengthen their grid in the future.

As a leading solar energy solutions provider, it’s SOLON’s responsibility to not only be experts in pv, but also have expertise in integrating and controlling complementary technologies, such as different storage technologies, to improve the value of solar.

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