SOLON Velocity Single Axis

Solutions Designed for You.


Maximum Performance & Reliability.

SOLON offers customized planning for you project including layouts, performance calculations, detailed engineering drawings and site-specific designs.

After consulting with our client, our experienced team of engineers will design the best solution for your needs.

SOLON Design Services.

SOLON’s Design Team supports project development with site layouts for rooftop, canopy, and ground-mount solar PV systems consisting of fixed-tilt and single-axis tracking, in addition to providing:

  • PVSYST energy modeling
  • Permitting packages
  • Interconnection Application Packages

SOLON value engineers each project to get the best cost for your desired system, holding all engineering work to SOLON standards. Our team ensures the end result means the desired power is produced safely, and meets your needs above and beyond just the desired aesthetics and functionality of a solar power system.

SOLON's Design Advantage.

Our Experience: The SOLON design team staff is well versed in civil, structural, mechanical and electrical design as well as an integrated construction team to aide in constructability. Our design team has been instrumental in the design and execution over 2 GW of solar systems, including single-axis tracking systems, fixed-tilt, rooftop and canopy systems. – crystalline technologies as well as various other solar technologies such as thin film, tracking photovoltaic, high-concentration photovoltaic and solar thermal.

Our Quality: For over 15 years, our consistent focus on solar technology and system integration, from component quality, design and integration to turnkey power plants to next generation technologies, has made SOLON one of the most innovative and reliable PV companies in world.

With over 300 MW of systems installed worldwide, SOLON has designed fixed-tilt, single-axis tracking, and canopy solar arrays for region-specific and client-specific requirements for a very long time. Put our proven success at system design and execution to your advantage.


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With more than 300 MW of systems installed globally, our SOLON team is an expert on fast & cost-effective power plant installations.

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