SOLON Velocity Single Axis

Engineering, Procurement & Construction.


SOLON: On-time. On-budget. 

From start to finish, SOLON manages your project with experience, quality and reliability. As the pioneer of the world's first preconfigured solar power plant, SOLON's expert team brings cost-effective, timely solutions for your EPC needs.

SOLON is positioned as a leader in large-scale solar projects for our complete system solutions and as a recognized partner with top utilities around the U.S.  We will work with you to turn your site into a success story.

SOLON Installation Process.

SOLON EPC Services.

SOLON Engineering: The primary goal is to to maximze kWh output. During the engineering phase of the project, SOLON finalizes the site layout, DC string configuration, inverter layout, interconnection designs and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system design.

SOLON Procurement: The job of SOLON procurement is to mitigate risk and ensure deployment of quality products that will perform throughout the life of the system and surpass our client’s expectations.

  • Expert management of pricing, logistics, supplier health, technical specifications and performance, and warranty terms.
  • Rigorous vendor qualification process to ensure same values and focus on quality and reliability as SOLON.
  • Ongoing supplier assessment ensures quality is maintained throughout the purchase process, from equipment evaluation to delivery. “Preferred Vendor” relationships facilitate long-term strategic product planning and technology implementation for greater system efficiency and power output.


SOLON Construction: SOLON sites are mobalized under the leadership of the SOLON Project Manager & Site Superintendent. The project manager is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the project (Safety, Quality, Schedule, and Cost) from inception to completion, team work is the key. The Site Superintendent works with our general contractor and electrical partners to build the solar power plan to specification and on schedule. Site safety and cleanliness are core values of the SOLON project ethic.

SOLON Project Management:  SOLON is one point of contact for all communications and management of vendors, contractors, investors, permitting offices and the utility.  Our project management team embeds fundamental principles into every project:

  • Transparency and collaboration: regularly scheduled meetings with clients, contractors, investors and utilities plus regularly scheduled reports on project status and reporting
  • Mitigate risk with continuous feedback loops and checks
  • Monitor safety and quality workmanship
  • Only work with experienced, reputable contractors with proven track records and the same focus on quality and safety


SOLON EPC Advantage.

Never Compromise - Quality. Safety. Reliability.

Our Experience: SOLON has a wealth of experience in constructing high-performance solar power plants. Regardless of the geographical or geological situation and whether you require single-axis, fixed-tilt, or a specialized construction, our experts are sure to deliver. SOLON’s world-class project management ensures on-time, on-budget integration with an excellent safety record.

Our Quality: For more than 15 years, our consistent focus on solar technology and system integration - from component quality, design and integration to turnkey power plants to next generation technologies -  has made SOLON one of the most innovative and reliable PV companies in world. And our EPC team applies our same stringent requirements to our suppliers and contractors for maximum reliability and performance.


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With more than 300 MW of systems installed globally, our SOLON team is an expert on fast & cost-effective power plant installations.

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