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Offering innovative financing solutions for distributed generation and utility-scale projects in North America, SOLON's project finance team brings solar, equipment financing, project financing and private equity experience together to provide customers many needs.

SOLON Project Finance Services.

  • Provide the Best Financing Method for the Client’s Situation

With so many choices today to finance a solar project, selecting the most appropriate financing method requires careful consideration of the client’s situation and an expert understanding of the project finance landscape. Whether cash purchase,power purchase agreement, or a unique financing vehicle, SOLON has the know-how and tools to determine the financing method that will yield maximum results.

  • Navigating Solar Subsidies

Figuring out the best way to pay for a solar system is a complex process. Just figuring out what incentives are available to you can be confusing. SOLON’s world-class Project Finance team helps you navigate the solar rebates and incentives landscape such as local, state and federal rebates, tax credits, and accelerated depreciation to maximize your savings.

  • Partnering with Credible Project Investors

Finding investors can be a daunting process. SOLON’s finance team has over 20 years experience working with leading U.S. banks and project investors. Leverage these SOLON’s relationships for your solar project’s success.


SOLON Project Finance Advantage.

Proven Track Record: SOLON has a proven track-record of executing projects. With more than 300 MW of power plants installed around the world, we provide a unique combination of PV power plant expertise and unsurpassed experience in designing, building, owning and operating solar power plants.

Experienced Team: SOLON’s project finance team brings over 20 years experience working for leading solar developers and working with leading banks, Independent Power Producers, Our leadership team have negotiated, arranged and closed over 1GW of solar transactions in North America. And we are well versed in varying market sector best practices and business protocols- including education, hospitals, special districts, government, commercial and industrial, agriculture, utilities and coops.

Experienced PPA Provider: SOLON installs top-quality solar PV systems and can help secure funding, financing and maintenance. Nearly 50% of SOLON’s US projects are financed through a Power Purchase Agreement contract – successfully executed for schools, municipalities, commercial entities and utilities.

What’s more, SOLON can take advantage of tax credits and can pass that savings on to you through lower energy rates. With SOLON- hosted solar installations it’s never been easier to take advantage of clean, renewable energy.

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